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Atholl Palace Resort Hotel Pitlochry Perthshire Scotland
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"Atholl Palace is a wonderful place to visit. The staff are very helpful and polite, nothing is a problem! The food is amazing and the rooms are made up daily. This is great for either a weekend break or stay for a week. Great for couples or families. The spa is also brilliant and relaxing. Book now and stay, you won't be disappointed!"

Andrea Gaunt


The Highlander and The Fisherman

Oh the gairdners worked all winter long, and summer time afore Tae get yon japonic gairden growing at the door, Looks like tae me they done it though, through all those many moons Bathe the Highlander an the Fisherman they’re affy canny loons. Up yonder past the duck pond , a sicht fur sore ean , There lies a different story; it’s called the putting green, Well work an toil and work an toil green it widny go, the green bits went tae broon ye see an turned back intae poe But poor auld Innes a troubled face had he, Puzzled and perplex, the green he couldny see, abody approached him tae gie him soond advice, But like awthing on terrafirma its comin wae a price. but persistence is his middle name and an end he did see, Noo remember its jist fur putting so dinny plant a tee. Noo up past the putting green ye come tae Kenny’s edgings A contradiction in terms is this “the borders in the highlands!! “ A colourful display it is, tae be seen by a human eye, Some would sit in awe, and some would simply cry, But Kenny knows his game; a master craftsman is he, Through the chirping “o” the birds or the buzzing of the bee, Kenny whiles away the day a happy man is he. Richt, there ye are atop this hillock, resplendid in yer choice Standing wae a glass o wine or indeed a pimms an ice, Go stand by the lion that guards this awesome site An look down ower the borders, “sheesht” be still yer waggin tounge “Don’t bite”!!! Shut oot all that nature didny create, and breath in wi yer eyes and see The palace is a bonny place, and the gairdens “well behold!!!” The like’s youll never see So afore ye sip yer snifter pause a thought, look oer the edge, “hae a peek!” and wonder at this blooming feast o fleurs. Tae the highlander and the fisherman Lang Mae yer lums reek.

Penned by James Fenwick