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Free Theatre Tickets

Stay with us for 3 nights on a dinner, bed & breakfast basis and we'll throw in a ticket to a show of your choice at Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

With 6 marvellous shows during the summer season you will be spoiled for choice!

Hello Dolly And so begins a whirlwind journey around New York city at the turn of the 20th century in the footsteps of America’s most celebrated matchmaker, Dolly Levi: glamorous, wise-cracking, indomitable - and with a heart of gold. Her mission? To bring love and companionship to those who need it most, be they store clerk or artist, milliner or heiress . . . or even the boisterous ‘half-a-millionaire’ Horace Vandergelder, who for some reason seems to put more of a spring in Dolly’s step than any of her other clients . .

A Chorus of Disapproval - Nothing if not ambitious, the Pendon Amateur Light Operatic Society is taking on The Beggar’s Opera. And The Beggar’s Opera is winning . . . until, that is, a personable but shy widower, Guy Jones, joins the team . . .
Despite being an instant hit with the company’s energetic, excitable director, Dafydd Llewellyn, and PALOS’s female members - including Dafydd’s wife, Hannah - the inexperienced Guy seems destined for a spot in the chorus. But then a series of casting mishaps propel Guy up the PALOS ladder - on and off the stage. And as he climbs closer and closer to the top, Guy - a man all too susceptible to wine, women and song - discovers that there are downsides to being a big fish in a small pond . . .

Present Laughter - Matinée idol Gary Essendine has it all: wealth, fame, good looks, a nice line in witty repartée and a splendid selection of dressing gowns. The centre of his own universe, he has more fans than he knows what to do with. The fact that he’s also vain, egotistical, bad tempered and on the brink of middle age is neither here nor there . . .

Single Spies - An Englishman Abroad begins with actress Coral Browne in a Moscow theatre dressing room in 1958, dealing with an inebriated visitor. The face seems familiar, he’s English, upper-class . . . only later, when a note is slipped under her door, does she discover that the drunk was the disgraced spy Guy Burgess. Subsequently invited to dine at his Moscow flat, she arrives armed only with his instruction to “bring a tape measure”.

Lady Windermere’s Fan- Young, beautiful, but something of a puritan, Lady Windermere is one of the stars of London society. But life in the limelight has many perils - and scandal can be the kiss of death . . .
On the day that her 21st birthday is to be celebrated with a ball, Margaret Windermere hears shocking news about her husband: he has been seen paying secret visits to a striking newcomer to the London scene, Mrs. Erlynne, a woman whose glamour has attracted the attentions of several prominent men. Worse yet, it is rumoured that Windermere has given Mrs. Erlynne large sums of money. When Margaret confronts her husband, Windermere vehemently denies any charge of betrayal – but then insists, to Margaret’s consternation, that she invite Mrs. Erlynne to her birthday ball that very evening.
For in this world of wealth, position and intrigue, nothing is ever quite as it seems . . .

Two - A northern town at the end of the 1980s. It’s the era of the wine bar – and the gastro pub is just around the corner. Time is being called on that great British institution, the beer-and-fags, spit-and-sawdust
pub . . .
Pub: a place where people meet and play, celebrate and console, talk and fight. There’s Fred and Alice, lumpy, loveable, who accept their lot and look after each other; Roy, whose frustrations get piled on the downtrodden Lesley; Moth, a failed Romeo, and Maudie, the only woman who’ll have him; the wholly unsuited Igers, who somehow muddle along; and assorted singletons, with nowhere else to go. And behind the bar, the centre of everyone’s attention, the Landlord and Landlady, pulling pints, bickering, brawling, painting on smiles that hide the terrible secret that has driven them apart.

So book early to stay with us and we will include of your choice!
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Theatre ticket's are subject to show availability and must be booked in advance, just let us know which show you would like to go to when booking. Transport to the theatre is not included


Available 24th May until 19th October. Minimum 3 consecutive nights on our Dinner, Bed & Breakfast tariff. maximum 1 ticket per person to a show of your choice. Transport to the theatre is not included

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