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Atholl Palace Resort Hotel Pitlochry Perthshire Scotland
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"Atholl Palace is a wonderful place to visit. The staff are very helpful and polite, nothing is a problem! The food is amazing and the rooms are made up daily. This is great for either a weekend break or stay for a week. Great for couples or families. The spa is also brilliant and relaxing. Book now and stay, you won't be disappointed!"

Andrea Gaunt


October 2010

To the delight of us all who have been closely involved, the Green Tourism Business Scheme inspection resulted in the hotel being awarded the Gold award. This is a tremendous achievement by all the staff. The Green Team prioritised the areas in which we needed to improve from the last inspection, 3years ago, but it was the staff who carried out the changes and did so with enthusiasm and good nature. Thank you all, but this is only the beginning......there is much to do to make a REAL difference and be assured that we will all be working away at this project and we hope future guests begin to notice the difference in the way in which the hotel deals with its Green Responsibilities.

Autumn colours seemed to be brief this year. A couple of heavy frosts in late October turned the leaves on the trees into the glorious colours of autumn but wind soon loosened the leaves final hold and down they came. If the weather is dry and still, perhaps after a nightís frost, some of the leaves carpet the ground in the most beautiful, yellow covering but soon enough the moment is lost and the leaves continue their colour change into dull and dirty shades....time to lift or mulch them.

Several guests have mentioned recently that they have heard a rumpus in the woods when they have been out walking, much screeching and chattering high up in the trees. This is usually jays mobbing a bird of prey or an owl. Sometimes the jays find an owl quietly sitting out the day in some high branch of a Douglas fir or similar large tree. Maybe it had moved a bit to attract their attention, but as soon as they find the owl then they will mob it until it moves and often the local blackbirds, thrushes and robins join in.....quite a rumpus.

Goldfinches hanging like Christmas lights on a thicket of teasel, now that is a sight worth seeing. Around the grounds we have the odd clump of this plant and on frosty mornings quite large flocks of these colourful wee finches can be seen feeding away on the seeds. It would make a great photograph but you never seem to have the camera on such occasions. Innes

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Innes raised a fantastic £1,052.00 for Marie Curie Cancer Care cycling in the Etape Caledonia.
Innes finished in 04:41:34 and came 1987 out of 4117 who completed the race. A fabulous achievement!
Thank You to all sponsors.
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