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Atholl Palace Resort Hotel Pitlochry Perthshire Scotland
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Andrea Gaunt


April 2011

Spring bulbs have been a great show this year and the woodland floor is carpeted with the delicate flowers of the wood anemone. In the borders things are two weeks ahead of last year but frost can still do damage!

Ian and Elizabeth Comrie are regular visitors to the Palace and Ian gains inspiration from the grounds for his poetry writing.At present Ian is receiving treatment for an illness and we all wish him well.He sent us this poem written on his visit last autumn. Enjoy it.

Nature came close to me
(A poem by Ian Comrie)

Nature came close to me this morning
I stood very still outside the revolving doors
As a robin made me welcome with it’s song.
Above the lawns and rooftops,jackdaws-chuck,chucked-their ‘busy-ness’
into the new day.

Nature came close to me this morning.
Wisps of mist hung on the treetops as
My ears and eyes sought sounds and sights
For memories pleasure, meanwhile
My nose drank in the ancient smell of log fire comfort.

Nature came close to me this morning
Down by the tennis courts a red squirrel harvested
The peanut feeder.
Then spirral’d it’s way up the tree into the canopy
Where blackbirds sounded ‘alarm’.

Nature came close to me this morning.
In beech and birch trees,chaffinch,blue tit, great tit searched,
Making small sounds,singing small songs,then-
From the tip of an evergreen, a mistle thrush told the whole world-
Loud and clear- that perch was hers.

Nature came close to me this morning.
A woodpigeon almost left a vapour trail as it
Did a fly-past above the fountains spouting spray,
And ‘though I never saw the wren, I heard her scold
Some intruder near the old summer-house.

Nature came close to me this morning.
Later at breakfast I reflected on these riches and described them
To my wife Elizabeth.
Just as I said-‘all within two minutes walk’-
A big bumble bee tapped on the window beside her face
Then buzzed off.

Nature came close to me today.
Like me, the bee has found a warm welcome at the Atholl Palace,
Where nature rewards the gardeners with her fruits,
And thanks them daily with her songs.

May it still be so when my grandchildren’s children walk in my footsteps.

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