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January 2017

We have waited along time this winter to see some sort of precipitation. It has come in the form of snow,but not much and I suspect it won’t last for more than a few days. Even a small amount of snow can,however,cause problems on the steepish Palace drive but it could be so much easier for so many people. Get a set of winter tyres. It can make a huge amount of difference to the majority of cars and they are not that expensive. My Mazda estate is a prime example. A brute of a car in even the smallest fall of snow and yet put on a set(2 tyres not 4) of winter tyres and you can drive it almost anywhere. BMW,Mercedes,Volvos….it works for them all.

And now back to precipitation. One year ago this week we had one of the biggest floods we have seen at the Palace and it caused major damage to the driveway and roadside banks. This autumn we invested a considerable amount in upgrading and lifting the banks but so far we haven’t had a challenge to see how successful we have been. It will come and probably sooner rather than later as drought has been the early winter word….and that never lasts long.

Monday sees the start of the salmon fishing season on the Tay catchment when ceremonies will be held along the banks of the river as they have done for over 100yrs. The big quest is a fresh run Tay springer…..a spring run salmon straight of the tide. They tend to be big,silver and worth boasting about in fishing circles for many years. It may surprise you to know that one of the most prolific spring beats on the Tay system is right here in Pitlochry. 75miles up from the tide but one of the main stopping places for a hard running spring salmon. Why not give us a call at the Palace. We have the knowledge….we can help…..we can make a Tay springer possible.