locationPerth Rd, Pitlochry, PH16 5LX, United Kingdom

Energy Management

Ultimately the Atholl Palace Hotel would like to become carbon neutral. To do so we need to reduce our carbon emissions from LPG, Fuel Oil, Diesel or Petrol.
​Obviously it is unlikely that we can completely eliminate our emissions so we need to devise schemes where we can offset the CO2 we release into the atmosphere by producing the same amount of renewable energy by, for example, planting native trees.

  • By increasing the number of low energy LEDs and installing motion detectors in cupboards, landings etc we have greatly reduced our energy usage. 
  • A comprehensive, independent energy audit has highlighted some areas where we can reduce our energy consumption. By 2015 we have taken up most of the suggestions in the audit. 
  • ​Water usage plays an important role in energy management. Reducing the amount of water that is used in the hotel is a high priority but not to the extent of reducing customer satisfaction.
  • By reducing the number of times we cut the grass in some areas of the grounds could save several gallons of petrol per year. It all helps.
  • ​Making staff and guests aware of the need to conserve energy by stimulating initiatives and good environmental practice.

During 2014, we found that an average guest at the hotel might be expected to account for 17kwh of electricity and 60kwh of gas. That guest might also expect to be responsible for the use of 200 litres of water (which includes the pool and spa usage).

Knowing how much energy we use and where we use it is essential before major energy savings can be made. As we go into 2015 we continue to put downward pressure on our energy use.